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12/14/18- The view at the top. Cody, No Name, Rendezvous in winter white. 12/13/18- Chasing down sundogs and cold smoke with Jeff Leger. 12/12/18- Freshly fallen flakes. Jake Kilgrow indulges. Today on the Headwall 12/09/18- Early Steezin Conditions exist. Jeff LegAir in the mix. 12/08/18- Top to bottom. 4139 vertical feet for your enjoyment. Today we fly! 12/07/18- National Park resident. 12/05/18- First rays of the day on the Grand Teton. 12/04/18- 4,139 vertical feet of available terrain opening Saturday. Emily Figenshau in training. 12/03/18- Illuminated morning fog. Monday motivation. 12/01/18- December day One. Let it sink in. 11/30/18- Enough snow to fill your beard. Jackson Hole hits 100 inches. 11/29/18- A break in the clouds reveals the stash. Betsy Campbell capitalizes. 11/28/18- It's about that time. Gondola and Thunder open Saturday. 11/27/18- Pro Snowboarder and Arborist, Bryan Iguchi. 11/26/18- Supplemental satisfaction. Malachi Artice soaks in the days last rays. 11/24/18- Day One. Skier: Chris Newson Opening day and the snow is stacking up! Final touches Happy Thanksgiving from Jackson Hole Ski Patrol working hard so you can play hard. 3 more days until the rope drops. The grand scale of the Tetons from Moulton Barn. Snowmaking continues with only 4 days until first chair. Ramping up. Getting closer.... Teton Rise. Wyoming strong. The Big One is looking really good! Thumbs up to an amazing season! Welcome to Teton Village Big Red comes down from 10,450' with a fresh coat. Current conditions in Teton Village- Snowing ❄️ Getting closer... Not the best at blending in.


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